Streamline your business & boost efficiency with custom-built Web Applications

Synapse Worldwide specialises in building complex web applications for clients who require custom-built websites and online software to improve business processes and streamline operations. From complicated order or booking placement system to points calculation systems with multi-lingual content management system to intranet applications; chances are that the feature you are looking for your application, we may have already done it in part or full for another application.

Helping businesses make money online

Multi-store shopping cart

  • Centrally managed, fully custom-built shopping cart for multiple stores
  • Change entire look & feel from one panel
  • Integrated with internal accounting systems, other databases and systems
  • Retail / Wholesale / Multi-tier pricing & many such features

iPhone & PDA applications

  • Survey Management Software
  • Surveyor specific Calendars
  • Roster management
  • Holidays management
  • Microsoft tested & approved A feature rich PDA & Web-application
Custom built websites and applications.
Online Membership Management System

Online Membership Management System

  • Fully integrated system
  • Full Membership Management System
  • Content segregation based on membership type
  • Online Payments & Renewals via member login
  • Auto-reminders for expiring memberships
  • Integrated eBook Store & many related features

Events Booking System

  • Events Calendar with member and non-member specific events
  • Events inventory management
  • Events booking and payments
  • Events Reports (Attendees, Revenue etc) & many related features
Events Booking System
e-Newsletter Delivery System

e-Newsletter Delivery System

  • Fully integrated without the need of duplication of data (such as events, articles etc)
  • Highly user friendly with pre-set design templates, requires minimal or no knowledge of design
  • Categories subscribers into States, Categories, Subcategories etc & many related features
Streamline business processes and increase efficiency.