If your business is looking to grow, lead generation becomes a key strategy for marketing. At Synapse, we help our clients generate leads via our digital marketing service. The idea is simple. Create a campaign, build relevant landing page, create Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media or Display Ads, setup the campaign with appropriate keywords and start marketing. The process however is much more complex and comprehensive than this. We believe in understanding the target market first and connecting your brand with suitable potential customers. The goal is clear, to generate quality & cost effective leads for our customers.

Lead Generation Canberra

What is lead generation?
In essence, lead generation involves the marketing process of capturing interests in a service or product for the purpose of improving sales pipeline. It often utilizes digital channels, and recently, it has been undergoing remarkable changes due to the rise of social and online techniques. The abundance of information now readily available online has resulted in the rise of many self-directed buyers.

Lead generation is one thing. It should be followed by lead nurturing also. Just because someone doesn’t buy from you, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Educating the potential customers is the next step.

The process of buying has changed, and business owners and marketers need to identify new ways to capture leads and be heard. Rather than finding potential customers with email blasts and mass advertising, they need to focus more on being found and establish continuous relationships with clients or buyers.

Why lead nurturing is important for business?
As a marketer or business owner, you are constantly looking for potential customers. You want to obtain leads that will then convert to real customers that buy. Fortunately, there are incredible ways you can do to generate leads, such as maximizing the power of social media.

Nurture & educate potential customers
The key here is to nurture and educate potential customers. Buyers have changed over the years. Now, they go to the market and search for information about the products and services they need before making a purchase. The buying process has changed over the years. Instead of listening to messages, they start ignoring them and research what they want to know on their own. Thus, one of the keys to an effective lead generation is providing customers with valuable information.

If you sell to everyone… You sell to NO ONE

Trying to be everything to everyone doesn’t work.

The role of social media in lead generation and nurturing
The growing popularity of social media channels has attributed directly to information abundance. With social networks, buyers can now easily learn and research about services and products through peers and influencers. In addition, a profound change has occurred within social media channels. By tapping into different social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more, you can always be where your potential customers are and establish trust.

Lead Nurturing: Make customers happy
Once you’ve found your targets, it is critical to make them stay. It is one thing to attract more leads and convert them to sales and another to keep them in your business. The main key here is to make them happy and give them the reason to stay.

Lead nurturing has been looked up to as one of the valuable ways to engage your prospects to make a purchase along the way. No wonder, it has been considered as undeniable requirement, especially for many fast-growing businesses. However, it is important to note that lead generation is no longer just used as a means of educating customers, but it also has become even more.

Leads can be generated in different channels such as social media, webinars, referrals, trade shows, websites, and other means. Keep them in your business by continuously providing them unprecedented services they require. Get them involved and interact with them through social media channels and emails.

Doing such tactic will further boost the engagement between you and the lead. And by the time that the lead is ready to make a purchase of your products and services, you will no longer have a further problem with that since there is already engagement between you.

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