Content is king – in the web world; the more the better. More content means more food for Google and other search engines. Which means your website’s content are more likely to get high ranking and ultimately give you more website visitors. However, publishing content regularly on a website using a graphics designer could be a costly exercise. If you don’t know design and HTML, you can even break the entire site.

Does information of your website often get outdated? And, takes a long time to get it fixed because you can’t change it yourself?
Do you pay your graphics designer every time to keep your web-pages updated quite often?
Will your business benefit if your customers are kept updated with latest trends, news or other information?

If the answer to the above questions is Yes, then you need a Content Management System or CMS to take control of your website.

A Content Management System or CMS can allow you to update or add content anytime and anywhere without hassle. You can easily modify the web-page content without any knowledge of HTML and graphics design. A CMS keeps the look and feel of your website intact, while allows you to change information via a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor – similar to a Microsoft word document. So, as long as you have the basic computer skills, you can easily learn to use a CMS.

Another good thing about a CMS is that you can keep your website’s look fresh and attractive. If your CMS allows you to change Banners, colour theme etc, you can keep it interesting for the returning customers. Besides the design & content elements, CMS also allows other functionalities such member login, events calendar, blogs/forums, newsletter subscription and many such features can be incorporated into a content management system.

Synapse team has extensive experience with both custom-built as well as off-the-shelf content management systems. Here are some of the CMS’s we work with:

Synapse CMS
Synapse CMS

Synapse CMS is a proprietary CMS and one of the most flexible custom-built content management system which is specifically designed to cater the needs of Small to Medium businesses. It can be fully customised to suit your business practices and can be scaled for small to enterprise application. It truly make your business life easy.


WordPress is a really flexible, easy to use content management system. It is open-source – so, there is no cost to use it. It is primarily designed for blog style websites, however can still be easily used for a website. It is fast, straight-forward and is really simple.


Joomla is another open-source CMS that is relatively easy to use and can be scaled for a large number of websites. There are a large variety of components, modules, plug-ins and other extensions available on Joomla to integrate all kinds of functionalities and features on your website.

Other than these, there are plenty of CMS’s out there in the market. We can help you choose the one that can best serve your business needs.

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