7 Steps to SEO

The process of tweaking a website to help it attain better organic ranking on the search engines is known as ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and is commonly referred to as ‘SEO’. Here is a quick 7 point checklist to help you with basic SEO:
1. Formulate a digital strategy for your business. Analyse and choose your keywords accordingly. Be careful, what you think people are searching for and what people are actually searching for could be two different things.

2. Don’t stuff your webpage with keywords. Do not try to target too many keywords for a page. Start with 1 to 3 keywords per page.

3. If possible, dedicate a page to each keyword you want to optimise. Link those keywords to their dedicated pages throughout the website. Use search engine friendly URLs.

4. Make sure your business is listed on Google Places (Google Map). Submit your website on other local directories. Most of them are free. Ask your suppliers and partners to put a link to your website on their website.

5. Add links to your website from social media tools such as Blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest. Make sure they are public posts so that search engines can see them. Remember, quality is preferred over quantity.

6. Try to add something new to the website at least once a month if not more frequently. It could be as simple as a new item or a blog post.

7. Getting traffic is one thing, but converting a visitor into customer should be the focus of your SEO strategy. Copy of your page plays an important role in this. Use appropriate call to action buttons to convert that visitor into a lead.

SEO is a slow process, so give search engines time to index your website and adjust rankings accordingly. I generally don’t do major SEO changes to a site within 3 months of each other. Call Sam Gupta on 1300785230 for a FREE Website Analysis and 1 hour consultation to discuss your website in detail or visit www.SynapseWorldwide.com.

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